About Us


Formerly, we are energetic and commited working parents. But after being crown ourselves as a fulltime mummy, only we truly understand the existence of natural and organic in young lives was so meaningful. ‘Natural’ means: Ingredients that come or are made from a renewable resource found in Nature (Flora, Mineral) with absolutely no petroleum compounds, do not contain synthetic ingredients, artificial ingredients, it grown, harvest, raised and processed in an ecological manner. What is organic really means and why? Organic farming uses all natural, sustainable means of production. They do not use synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics or growth hormones. For young lives, it is important that they are not exposed to the chemicals and toxins. Even if these toxins and chemicals does not present their side effects immediately, it may affect the growth and development of the young lives while exposing them for a range of potential disease and conditions throughout their life. Young lives are more vulnerable to the risk of pesticides and chemicals. Being a responsible parents we have to ensure our child free from chemicals and toxins. You do not need to be a scientist to believe because its a logical assumption; if you want them to be healthy, grow them up in natural and organic ways. Are your child worth of organics? Definately yes..

We have a very tight standard of choosing products because we are fussy parents and only considered THE BEST out of THE BEST. Reason is, we want the best for our child. We really have a "big" but simple thought in ECO BUDDIES; the BIG thought is being parents trusted partner in bringing up their child in natural ways and our SIMPLE thought is, we just like other parents, hoping our child has a healthy and happy life. We love our child as much as you love your child too.